Martin  and I
Martin and I Rollin with the mighty Martin R.
The Rack
The Rack Backstage at the Dylan concert.
First Gig
First Gig Me trying to hold and play the bass guitar at age 12.
The Albert Hall
The Albert Hall A shot from the stage of an empty Albert Hall in London. You can feel the notes...
The Office
The Office It's amazing what you can create with so little.
The Professor
The Professor No comment.
The Family
The Family Meet the family.
The Borderline
The Borderline My first London gig with Clapton sitting 5 feet away. A terrifying experience.
Album Cover Shot
Album Cover Shot
The Dobro
The Dobro I could kick myself when I think of all the guitars I have been through. This National Dobro was my baby for years.
Scott English
Scott English The Master and Apprentice. The might Scott English was my songwriting mentor. We miss ya brother...
The Kids
The Kids What was I thinking...
The Band
The Band This shot is of brother Mitch (singer/harp player) and me in the 70s
Kazakhstan If I tell ya I'll have to kill ya...
1969-70 Where did it all go?
My Everything
My Everything
Cornwall Tintagel in southern Cornwall is the home of King Author. What a vibe.
Seattle Washington
Seattle Washington Not sure of the date but with aunts and uncles and my brother Pete.
Dylans Set List
Dylans Set List A night at the Albert Hall.
My Gals
My Gals Staci and Jess.
Toronto Visting the family in T.O it was a glorious 3 weeks with perfect weather.
Scott English
Scott English Dinner in London with the mighty Scott English. Man, that guy has some stories...
Tres Ombres
Tres Ombres Such a nice fit...
The 12 Bar London
The 12 Bar London This place had a small basement room jammed with people as you sat on a stool and performed. Great vibe.
The Borderline
The Borderline My first London gig was at the borderline promoting my album. Just as I went on I looked up to see Clapton sitting right in front of the stage. Terrifying experience. lol.
The Troubadour
The Troubadour A famous London club for many up-and-coming stars. The basement was where it all happened. I spend many a night bashing it out in that jammed, hot basement room. I wanta do it all over again...